Homeschool Online Creative Writing Co-op

What is the Homeschool Online Creative Writing Co-op?

The Co-op consists of six and eight week courses for homeschool students in grades 9 -12. Offerings include Creative Writing, Essays, Flash Fiction, and Writing the Research Paper. These classes are designed to stretch skills and imaginations to help students write and think more creatively. They provide interaction with peers and personalized feedback and guidance from the instructor. Class size is limited to guarantee personalized attention.

The co-op is designed to develop and reinforce good writing skills. Think of it as cross training for writing. Using a variety of lessons, assignments, suggested activities, and peer and instructor interaction, students are encouraged to develop their skills. No stress allowed! Writing is a process - with practice and the right tools anyone can improve.


Why should students improve their writing? 

Writing is a necessary skill for life. It goes hand in hand with good communication - and we need to communicate in every walk of life. Students may not have aspirations of becoming the next Great American Novelist, and that's okay. Not everyone wants to accomplish that. Not everyone wants to be a race car driver either, but they can learn to drive.

Questions? Want to register your homeschooled teen?

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Karen Lange, creator and instructor of the Co-op, is the author of Write for Life and Homeschool Co-ops 101. She is also a freelance writer, editor, and online writing instructor at the Coffeehouse for Writers. Visit Karen's blog at

Need a private writing tutor or editor for grades 6-Adult? Help is available for creative writing, essays, research papers, and other writing. Contact Karen for details at


What People are Saying About the Co-op


Thank you for your encouragement to my daughter. I think these sessions have been helpful in many ways. You have a nice approach to coaching; very encouraging, supporting the student positively, then adding comments (in a gentle way) about areas that need improvement. This is just what she needed.    Christine N., Homeschool parent, CA


Your Essay class was an excellent educational experience for my daughter.  The feedback you provided was always well organized and easy to understand.  I would love to be able to cut through the "noisy muddle" and give my children clear direction.  Alas, I am usually only able to say, "Something doesn't seem right here...".   Thank you for your gentle yet effective guidance these last six weeks. Lori T., Homeschool parent, TX


The assignments were interesting and fun while still being challenging. I noticed improvement in my daughter's writing during the co-op as well. Your comments (to her) were always just right - very gentle and encouraging. I appreciated that there was a choice of assignments, that is one of the strengths of your program. Writing for an audience instead of just Mom is also a strength of this program. My daughter enjoyed that part of it - being part of a group. The assignments did reveal to me my daughter's strengths and weaknesses, where she needs more work and what particular types of writing are most appealing or motivating to her. This makes the program very helpful.  Diane H., Homeschool parent, NJ


I really enjoyed this Co-op. It was leagues better than the other online enrichment course I took and it was a lot of fun. It's always good to get feedback, even more so when it's from someone other than your parents. My writing certainly improved over the course of the Co-op.  Alex H., Unschooling student, NJ 

It (the Creative Writing Co-op) complimented unschooling very nicely...I thought there was a good cross section of things to write about (in the lessons) - gave good help for getting them to write. The feedback was very tactful and got him writing and that was the biggie! He felt encouraged that he could do it. That was HUGE - you nailed it for us.  Julie G., Unschooling parent, NJ


He worked completely on his own (her son), although he did discuss the content with me. He said, "The feedback was helpful. It covered the points where I had to improve without being condescending or brutal." He really enjoys your Co-op assignments, so he writes more than he would otherwise. He's planning to go to a Great Books School, so writing will be a very important part of his future.  Lillian H., Unschooling parent, NJ


I wanted to say thank you so much for your investment in (my daughter) this year. You have been a wonderful encourager to her, and I look forward to my son doing some work with you in the future.      Debbie A., PA, Homeschool parent

The Co-op definitely complimented my own homeschooling efforts! I GREATLY appreciated your positive comments to my sons. They always walked away encouraged, for which I thank you!! I would definitely recommend your Co-op to others! I think it is a fantastic opportunity to lighten the load of homeschooling parents. Your (lesson) explanations were excellent and took the burden off me for preparation time. Your assignments caused my sons' creative juices to flow, and having accountability to someone other than their mother caused them to work even harder. The online posting also prompted them to be more careful how they worded their work, and to think more creatively because they knew their peers would be reading it.   Maribeth S., PA, Homeschool parent

When asked, "Do you think the Co-op was beneficial for your daughter?" Theresa M., Homeschool parent from New Hampshire replied, "Yes, I do. First for the growth it provided for her writing and for her having to meet a deadline (when weekly assignments were due). Also it helped her see that writing for others to read is different than just expressing herself on paper.


I love doing these Co-ops; I'm excited for the next one!  Gabrielle, PA, Homeschool student


About Co-op Instructor Karen Lange


Karen Lange is a former homeschool mom, having taught her three children in grades K-12. Now a freelance writer, editor, and online writing instructor for adults at the Coffeehouse for Writers, Karen loves spending time with her family, particularly her two grandsons.


It has been my honor and privilege to know Karen Lange as a writing colleague and a friend. Karen is an expert in the field of homeschooling and has authored articles about her experiences as a homeschooling mom. She has also served as a columnist for a publication of which I was the editor. Karen writes with wisdom and grace in a style that is at once down-to-earth, informative, and entertaining.  Dr. MaryAnn Diorio, author, writer, editor, Life and Business Coaching Consultant, NJ


Karen has written pieces for our magazine and several others with which I am familiar. She is an excellent writer and works well with young students.  Mary Hood, author and Executive Director, ARCHERS for the Lord


Karen produces excellent articles, well-thought-out and accurate. She is very knowledgeable about a wide range of topics as well. I intend to hire Karen often in the future and have been completely satisfied with her work in the past.  Michael Leppert, Editor, The Homeschool Almanac


Karen Lange weaves gentle humor and grace into thought provoking articles, interviews, reviews, and curriculum. Her extensive and diverse list of publications demonstrates her ability to target the interests and needs of her readers.  Christy Award winning author Cathy Gohlke


Questions about the Co-op? Contact Karen Lange at