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Short Excerpt from a Lesson


.....Writing is a process. This means it takes time and practice. Most things in life require this. You cannot learn algebra or get a driver's license, for example, without investing time and practice. Things included in the writing process are brainstorming - thinking about a topic and getting ideas, writing, revising, and editing. Today's technology makes the editing part easier, with spell/grammar check in word processing programs. So that leaves the brainstorming and writing parts. Not so hard either, once you give it a little time and gain some confidence....

.....Choosing Words Wisely.....To write well, appropriate word choice is important. You don't need to be a walking dictionary or have a giant vocabulary to write well. For good, concise writing you only need words that you already know. Choose precise, descriptive words that give the reader a sharp visual image and get your point across efficiently. It is better to use words that you are familiar with to be sure your writing is clear and says what you want. Consider the following example:

Before: The meteorologist ascertained that the precipitation would be voluminous.
After: The weatherman predicted that the rain would be heavy.

Is the second sentence easier to understand? Sometimes choosing bigger words will cause you to lose your reader because they get bogged down trying to read the words. Simpler is often better.....


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